The ultimate in performance trimarans

 Performance and possibility are the fundamentals of Dragonfly Trimarans.

Achieve higher speeds, in greater comfort to visit destinations that would otherwise be out of reach.

Ranging from 25-40 ft, the Dragonfly Trimarans cover trailer sailing through to offshore cruising on a quality, stable platform.

Featuring award-winning innovations like the renowned Swing-Wing system, the Dragonfly Trimaran range is sure to impress.


Vanquish Waterscooter tender, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


The new Dragonfly 25 is a high-performance trailer-sailer, for sport and racing sailors looking for an exhilarating lightweight trimaran with comfortable accommodation … and is ideal for weekend cruising with family and friends.

Sirena 58 Coupe, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


A fast, groundbreaking trailer-sailer. The European designed and built Dragonfly 28 is setting new standards for what’s possible in a sailing boat. Of course, the perfect boat doesn’t exist – but the Dragonfly 28 comes very, very close.

Sirena, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


The Dragonfly 32 sets new standards in function and design and is the perfect combination of family cruising and racing. The impressive middle child of the family is powerful and fast – one of the fastest of the fleet – and offers plenty to serious racers looking for speed, versatility and safety.

Sirena, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


The Dragonfly 40 sets new standards for fast, comfortable and safe family offshore sailing. The spacious cockpit is designed to provide everything you need when sailing and spending days on the water with family and friends. Down below, the well-known Dragonfly style creates a stylish and modern interior.



Dragonfly Trimaran founder Borge Quorning launched his company in 1967 with the dream of building state of the art cruising and racing trimarans and selling them around the world.

His dream came true, and Dragonfly Trimarans are now instantly recognisable both at sea and at berth, thanks to high-performance, sleek, elegant European design and the dramatic award-winning ‘Swing Wing’ system, designed by Quorning in 1989.

This is the story of a small family business in the fishing village of Skaerbaek, Denmark, and it’s a story of stubbornness, courage, drive, stability and a love of sailing. Since 1967, the Quornings have been building their incredible boats in the same yard, using the same concept … and now in 2022, Quorning Boats employs over 50 people and custom-builds hundreds of trimarans each year.


Dragonfly Australia and New Zealand.

Europe has taken to the wonderful world of performance trimarans and TMG Yachts wants to bring this proven concept Downunder.

Dragonfly Trimarans are fast and efficient – achieving higher speeds, giving greater range so you can visit more places in Australia, New Zealand or around the world. Explore our spectacular waterways in comfort on a stable, fast and safe platform. 

TMG Yachts mission has always been to get more Aussies and Kiwis out on the water enjoying easy, fun and safe boating. The Dragonfly is the ideal vessel to achieve these goals. Every model is unsinkable, is beach-able and has a kick-up rudder and centreboard system, making launching, recovery and beaching a simple task. Another benefit? –  single-handed sailing is easy, with all lines leading back to the cockpit. You’ll enjoy superior handling on a multihull that’s noticeably easy to tack.

Sailing isn’t the only thing these boats are great for, trimarans offer you a spacious principal hull and Dragonflies can comfortably accommodate four to five people. Dragonfly is truly the perfect multihull for Australia and New Zealand.

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Dragonfly founder Jens Quorning teamed up with Danish naval designers Olsen Design in 2005, and their innovative collaboration was the start of a successful new era for Dragonfly Trimarans, with the introduction of 3D design.

Steen Olsen is the sole owner of Olsen Design and has played an integral role in the design and calculations of the last four Dragonfly models. Steen has more than 20 years of experience in naval design and has designed folding propellers, hatches and optimised rig details for America’s Cup sailboats. Steen has a passion for sailing and has won several racing awards internationally.


The Dragonfly reputation starts with what sets them apart … top of the line, fast, lightweight trimarans.

Dragonfly's construction has consistent quality, a great team and customisation. Dragonfly Trimarans have been made in the same boatyard for 50 years, working towards widespread acceptance. The production facility has dedicated and highly skilled staff setting impossibly high standards for modern boatbuilding today. Working closely with some of the most qualified and experienced suppliers and subcontractors in the world, resulting in boats of impeccable, flawless quality.


The award-winning Dragonfly Swing Wing system was designed by Borge and Jens Quorning in 1989. Using this revolutionary system, the trimaran can be folded to reduce the beam by more than 50% in less than one minute per side, using no tools and operating only from the cockpit.

This unique folding system has been standard on all Dragonflies since the introduction of the Quorning Swing Wing system. This allows them to use marina berths intended for monohulls and to be trailerable, saving space when accommodated in a harbour, marina or on land greatly reduces your storage costs!

Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Dragonfly Trimaran

Dragonfly , USA

It’s really the quality, that it’s the best. When I went to look at the factory, every tool had a place and they had a very specific system. And everyone was clearly trained and they seemed to take such pride in what they were doing.

Dragonfly Trimaran

Dragonfly , SE

We have a 28 Performance. I think I was convinced when we went down to Dragonfly for a test sail. Then it started to move things and well, I think we need to switch. It is great fun, I must say. I mean, when you get the wind, you get the speed and it

Dragonfly 35 Customer Testimonial - Chris

Dragonfly 35 Customer Testimonial – Chris

“I had been looking at many different trimaran brands and found the Dragonfly trimarans to standout due to their exceptional built quality and very clever design.” Chris, Dragonfly 35

Dragonfly Trimaran

Dragonfly , USA

We wondered how it would perform in the conditions that we’re going to have to sail it in. And my impression, to date, is that it handles the swell and the rough seas and the wind beautifully, even better than our monohull. So, so far, I’m delighted.


Dragonfly 25 Sport Test

Boating New Zealand

When veteran sailing journalist Kevin Green joined TMG’s Rowan McMahan and Joe Fox onboard the Dragonfly 25 Sport for a spinnaker run offshore the Sydney coast, he declared that “the fun factor was apparent in spades”.

New Dragonfly 40

Cat Sailing News

One does need to be an expert Multihull sailor to handle a Dragonfly 40 or any other fast cruiser/daysailer Trimaran. Easy of handling, stability and a hell of a ride are the key assets offered. To achieve that kind of performance on a Catamaran you would need a light performance cat with a powerful rig.