Lagoon SEVENTY 7 Skipper Interview

Working with Lagoon & TMG Yachts

In this insightful interview, we had the pleasure of conversing with Luke Butchers, the skipper of a magnificent Lagoon SEVENTY 7. During our discussion, Luke shared his experiences, choices, and future plans for this remarkable vessel.

Lagoon SEVENTY 7 - TMG Yachts Previously The Multihull Group
Lagoon SEVENTY 7 - TMG Yachts Previously The Multihull Group

Choosing the Lagoon SEVENTY 7

The decision to select the Lagoon SEVENTY 7 stemmed from the owner’s desire for
extended cruising with a compact crew and a passion for sailing. Luke underscored the boat’s long-range capabilities and impressive sailing performance as key factors in their choice.

“We were looking for a boat that enables us to do long-range cruising in comfort in luxury but also still being run by a small crew,” Luke explains. “The owner came from a sailing background and was really keen to get back to it, so it kind of met all our requirements.”

The Handover & Working with Lagoon

Launching the boat in Bordeaux was a whirlwind experience, despite months of preparation. Luke praised the assistance from the shipyard and Yacht Solutions in making the launch smooth.

“We’ve been working solely on this project for the last 6 months of the build,” adds Luke. “Matthieu and his team running the SEVENTY 7 line do a fantastic job adding all the customizations, they were super helpful and always answer your phone call, they’ve been absolutely great leading up to and since the launch. The support’s been fantastic.”

The Trip

The boat’s itinerary includes exploring Corsica and Northern Sardinia, an Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean, spectating high-performance yacht racing events, and eventually making its way back to Australia over 2.5 to 3 years.

“Our general plan is to make our way back to Australia, obviously we’re in the
Mediterranean now, heading off to Corsica for a few weeks to explore Corsica and Northern Sardinia,” explains Luke. Adding his highlight so far has been spectating the Sail GP in the South of France, “As a racing fan. It’s an awesome event.”

Lagoon SEVENTY 7 - TMG Yachts Previously The Multihull Group
Lagoon SEVENTY 7 - TMG Yachts Previously The Multihull Group

Customizing the Lagoon SEVENTY 7

Luke also discussed key features and customizations, such as large window
ws for the master cabin, a TV and spa on the flybridge, and a diesel tender with the ability to refuel from the main boat.

“We had a few prerequisites with this boat, like the big windows for the master cabin. Another big one was the spa and the TV on the flybridge.” Luke explained that despite Lagoon being a production brand they have been incredibly accommodating to customizations through for this premium product. “The customizations through Lagoon and through Yacht Solutions to get the boat really what we wanted was a process but being able to do that many customizations with what is a production brand is awesome. From other production brands, they just say no so for Lagoon to have that offering in with these premium products is really good.”

After spending 6 weeks onboard Luke added, “From our first 6 weeks there’s really nothing much we want to change the systems are all great.”

The X60 provides ample sun protection with a large hardtop covering the flybridge. Carbon poles support a rear Euro awning for extra shade while at anchor, ensuring comfort in the Australian climate.

Sailing Performance and Comfort

Luke expressed his satisfaction with the Lagoon SEVENTY 7’s sailing performance and comfort, highlighting its ability to cruise comfortably at impressive speeds.
“It’s doing comfortable passage-making speeds, you’re very comfortably cruising at 8 and 1/2 knots under sail, and that’s for passage-making, that’s awesome,” announced Luke excitedly.


Lagoon SEVENTY 7 - TMG Yachts Previously The Multihull Group
Lagoon SEVENTY 7 - TMG Yachts Previously The Multihull Group

Working with TMG Yachts

Throughout the project, Luke praised the support and collaboration with TMG Yachts.”The whole team from TMG Yachts were great to deal with, they’re all just people, there’s ego, and there’s no ‘that’s not my job’ everyone we dealt with was there to help us in this journey and keep things moving and make decisions and it’s the way it should be, it’s just as easy,” says Luke.

Tips for a Smooth Boat Project

Luke emphasized the importance of planning and early crew involvement for a
smooth boat project. “Making decisions as early as you can and planning and knowing exactly what you want is really important,” says Luke.

The perspective of a skipper provides invaluable insights into the boat’s journey, and Luke’s contentment is palpable. From the TMG Yachts side, working with Lagoon, Yacht Solutions, and Luke on this project has been a rewarding experience, yielding excellent results. We eagerly anticipate following the Lagoon SEVENTY 7’s forthcoming adventures.


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