Mediterranean highlights and advice


Despite currently being on his Lagoon 630MY in the Caribbean, TMG Yachts team member Marnie was about to get hold of the lovely Peter Rawson and chat about where he is at in his world trip, his highlights and what’s up next.

To give you the latest… Peter has just had his Lagoon 630MY shipped to the Caribbean…

Caribbean first impressions and hurricane plan… Exploring the exotic world with Peter Rawson

Lagooning around…

Peter Rawson originally purchased a Lagoon 52 in the Mediterranean and after sailing for 2 years decided to make the switch to the Lagoon 630MY. Peter had always been a motor yacht owner but thought he would switch to a sailing catamaran for a change, with the intent of sailing across the Atlantic.

However, with little patience for the unpredictable Mediterranean winds, his inner motor yacht love took hold, which triggered the purchase of the 630MY. Peter made his Lagoon purchases as he knew they were a trusted and well-recognised production yacht and had excellent fuel consumption, claiming at the time of purchase to be “very green”.


After three years in the Mediterranean Peter says he could definitely have spent another three… But unfortunately, everyone has time restraints… There aren’t many islands in the Mediterranean Peter hasn’t visited, with an impressive list of 47 in Greece alone… His favourite was the Mama Mia island (yes, the one they filmed the movie at), it was much greener and less windy than the rest, which is important as the Greek islands are prone to 60kt winds.

Caribbean first impressions and hurricane plan… Exploring the exotic world with Peter Rawson
Caribbean first impressions and hurricane plan… Exploring the exotic world with Peter Rawson

An explosion of marvellous memories…

Spain was also very loved, visiting Mallorca and Ibiza and the glorious Gibraltar. However, the island he will never forget is the magnificent Italian Sicilian volcano islands. There are still three active volcanos and at night they put on a stunning light show as explosions of lava spurt out of their spout.

The crowned favourite

Heading north, Positano remains his favourite location EVER. Laughing he told me about how the first time he visited he was put off by the rocky and rough conditions but coming back he fell head over heels… I can only imagine how glorious it would be to admire the colourful houses falling down the winding hills from the sea…

Watching the watch…

Peter made the most of his time in the Mediterranean , only travelling for around 3 hours at a time to ensure maximum exploration, especially for the guests he almost always had aboard, who had limited time…

Wonderful winters…

Winter was no exception to the fun. Winterising in Barcelona him and his wife headed north for some skiing and on another occasion flew to Egypt to seek warmer climates. Peters advice is to on no condition winterise in Croatia as the marina prices are through the roof due to the population of charters, instead he suggests Greece or Sicily for cheaper options.

Although the 630MY could’ve cruised across the Atlantic, Peter opted for the easy route of getting her shipped across to the Caribbean.

Caribbean first impressions and hurricane plan… Exploring the exotic world with Peter Rawson

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