Sailing The World On A Lagoon Catamaran For 13 Years

With Mike Houston


In 2010, Mike Houston embarked on an extraordinary adventure that would take him across the globe, all from the deck of his beloved Lagoon 440 catamaran. This is the story of Mike’s journey — a tale of discovery, challenges, and the beauty of the sea.

Setting Sail and Joining the Lagoon Family

Mike picked up his vessel in Les Sables in 2010, marking the beginning of his incredible journey. As he puts it, he had become a part of the Lagoon family, a kinship shared by passionate sailors worldwide.
“Myself and my son left alone and headed into the Med,” Mike reminisced. Together, they spent two years exploring the Mediterranean. Based in Sicily’s Marina Di Ragusa for the winter, they immersed themselves in a vibrant community of international boaters. It was here that they made cherished memories, as Mike fondly remembers, “We had an absolute ball.”

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Venturing to the Caribbean: Transatlantic Bucket List Crossing

“In 2013, about 30 boats decided we would go to the Caribbean from the Canary Islands to Barbados,” Mike recalled. This transatlantic journey was a dream come true. Following this, Mike sailed solo for 18 months in the Caribbean, even finding himself in Miami just in time for hurricane season — a fortunate decision, as it turned out.

South Pacific Calling: Panama and Beyond

“In 2014, I was in Isla Mujeres in Mexico and decided it was time to make some tracks towards the South Pacific,” Mike narrated. He called on friends from his Mediterranean sailing days, and together, they set their sights on Panama. The journey had its share of challenges, including encounters with mysterious fishing boats and border crossing difficulties.

“From Panama to the Galapagos we slowly made our way to Fiji,” Mike recollected. As they sailed across the vast Pacific Ocean, they encountered Japanese tsunami debris, shipping containers, and other obstacles. But the allure of the open sea was incredible, as Mike recounted, “You don’t realize then how far it is from Panama to Australia.”

Joining the Down Under Rally: A Cruise to Remember

Mike joined the Down Under Rally, from Fiji to Vanuatu and then into Australia. This rally led him to explore the stunning coastlines of Australia, from Cairns to Newcastle, with a mandatory stop in Sydney Harbour. Finally, he returned to the Gold Coast, which he considers home.

Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts

Reflections on 13 Remarkable Years of Sailing

With a reflective tone, Mike shared, “It’s been quite a few years — 13, 14, years… and it’s been very good.” His sailing journey has been a mix of adventure and serenity, marked by countless memories and a few challenges along the way. He leaves a piece of advice for aspiring sailors: “Just get out there and do it.”

Sailing Highlights: Family Time and the Boating Community

The true highlights of Mike’s journey were the moments shared with family. He had two incredible years cruising the Mediterranean with his son, an experience he treasures above all. “I can’t replicate that. I can’t possibly even get that time back again,” he said, cherishing those memories.

Safety and Trust for His Lagoon

In the face of storms and challenges, Mike had unwavering trust in his Lagoon 440. “It’s very forgiving,” he noted. He praised the vessel’s safety and reliability, highlighting that even in uncomfortable situations, he never felt his life was in danger.

Mike’s story is one of one man’s determination to explore the world, one nautical mile at a time. As he continues his voyage, one thing remains clear: Mike’s passion for sailing and trust in his Lagoon is unshakable.

Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts

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As always it is a fabulous opportunity for us at TMG Yachts to catch up with Mike and hear how his boating adventures are going. If you’re ready to start your next adventure don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to make your dream a reality…


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