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Everyone has different ideas as to the journey they may embark on their own boat.

It is advised to sail with the tradewinds but that does not mean that you cannot sail the opposite direction. This is why we find many owners choosing European Delivery because from there you can sail to all of the world best cruising locations.

Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Pacific and to the homeland, Australia.


The Mediterranean has many countries and coastlines to explore with calm and pleasant sailing conditions.


Sailing Northern Europe means exploring dramatic fjords, protected from seaward by layers of skerries and picturesque islands.


The Caribbean is scattered with quiet islands and sealife galore. The shallow turquoise waters are a catamarans natural habitat, it is time to take a dip.


Riddled with many secluded islands that can be accessed by no other means. Exploring by boat gives you the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the culture of some of these untouched areas.


We may be biased, but Australia truly is the most beautiful country in the world and with so many incredible cruising grounds on our doorstep travelling in a home on water is the best way to get around.




From Cinque Terre to the Amalfi Coast enjoy dramatic coastlines, sparkling blue waters and tumbling hillside villages. Two underrated Islands to explore are Ponza, a Greek inspired white home island and Ischia, Capris cheaper more silent sister. Explore famous beaches, secluded anchorages and quaint fishing villages of Sicily and the Aeolian Islands and the charming harbours and medieval villages of Sardinia.


Although known for its windy conditions, Greece is a must see. With enough delicious food and history, you could spend months travelling the Islands. Explore The Ionian Islands many smaller islets or Cretes hidden coves and beaches, relax onboard and be mesmerised by the beautiful and intense shades of the sea. Milos is also definitely worth a visit while peregrinating along the Cyclades filled with spectacular landscapes and dramatic coves.


With a breathtaking coastline, crystal-clear waters, and over a thousand islands, sailing in Croatia is a dream. Find tranquil anchorages, even during the height of the season when the weather conditions are idyllic.

The country’s second-largest city, Split, with some of the most popular and well-known islands, Hvar, Brac, and Korcula, only a short day sailing trip away. Other more quiet places to visit include; Šešula Bay, Vis Town, Lučice Bay, St Clement Island and Lavsa island.


Malta is the Meds hidden gem with a vast history. Malta's attractive harbours and prehistoric ruins sit alongside the picturesque coves and beaches that are pitted into the coastline. Gozo and Comino are the only other inhabited islands of a total of 21 to discover on the Maltese archipelago, offering up some of the most secluded anchorages and best watersports and dive sites. Here you will find rocky inlets, red sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.




Not only is Denmark the home of Dragonfly but it is also the home of over 444 islands. Sailing in Denmark gives plenty of opportunities for great adventure sailing and exploration ashore. 

Denmark’s vibrant capital of Copenhagen is where most you might begin but it is the white sandy beaches, quintessential fishing villages and fairytale castles, that you will fall in love with on your journey discovering this fascinating country.


 Norway’s stunning west coast stretches over 1,000 nautical miles in a cruising extravaganza of navigable sounds and dramatic fjords, protected from seaward by layers of skerries and picturesque islands.

There are anchorages galore and the scenery is spectacular, especially where mountains fold close to the sea. The midsummer days are almost literally endless and time slows right down when the sun only dips for a few short hours.


Just a few minutes away from the city of Stockholm, the archipelago begins. With nearly 30,000 islands, islets and rocks - from Öregrund in the north to Landsort in the south - each with its own character. Rugged nature blends with wooded islands, rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. Enjoy tranquil coves or the open sea where waves can go high. Explore uninhabited islets as well as islands with new communities and ancient villages, where large houses and small cottages stand side by side.


Did you know that Finland also has a coastline strewn with tens of thousands of islands? Finland’s Baltic coast is a perfect travel destination for anyone looking for a sailing experience with a difference.

Further out to sea, you can spot the traditional red and yellow wooden houses of fisherman and farmer villages, nestling in the shelter between the smooth cliffs and patches of forest. Step ashore and feel the history of the archipelago.


The Grenadines

If you’re looking for more of a balance between sailing and inland activities, St Vincent and the Grenadines seems to have a perfect mix. Your days can be spent beach-hopping through the 36 separate islands, exploring coral reefs and even hiking to the crater of an ancient volcano.

You can do as much or as little as you like and wherever you choose to spend the day, you can almost be guaranteed stunning views. Sunny strips of white-sand beaches, lush foliage at the centuries-old Botanic Gardens or the lofty views from Fort Charlotte are all on the agenda for the willing sailor.


Sailors tend to go crazy for the sheltered harbours, deserted islands areas around the Bahamas. Gentle light winds, hopping from island to island and the option of diving in some of the finest spots in the world.

Spread across 700 islands, the Bahamas is a place where many either make their living from a boat or sail to work in a boat, where three-foot iguanas greet you on the pristine beaches while colourful fish and friendly sea turtles are waiting just below the surface. Essentially, it’s a place where you’ll get the most out of visiting on a sailing holiday versus a traditional one on-land.

The British Virgin Islands

With well-developed marina facilities, white sandy beaches and delectable cuisine. Mild winds and line-of-sight navigation between the islands are in store for you here making this a great bareboat charter option for all abilities.

Activities include snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, beach bar hopping and hiking but the one thing not to miss is the Baths on Virgin Gorda. Massive granite boulders sitting right on the beach that create a maze-like series of caves and pools just made for exploring.

The U.S. Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is made up of three main islands (St John, St Croix and St Thomas) and is a great destination for both beginner and seasoned sailors. Consistent year-round conditions, trade winds and line-of-sight sailing sprinkled with excellent diving sites and deep-sea fishing opportunities all make up the recipe for a sailor’s paradise if we ever saw one.

This quintessential Caribbean sailing experience is also very accessible, especially for US visitors and has a lively sailing culture.



French Polynesia has mix of everything. You get the city life in Tahiti, you get the remote and stunning atolls just 200 nm east, you get mountainous islands in both Marquesas and Society Islands. Warm and welcoming people, predictable weather and great diving and you allowed to have the boat here for 2 years.


Efate, Port Olry has a yacht club where you can refuel and restock the boat before going to more remote places. Tanna Island has an active volcano. Epi Island has Dugong watching. Santo, Luganville has great diving on President Coolidge wreck and further, there are some great anchorages with white sand beaches. Sola, has nothing but locals who live super simple lives which is a cool experience.


Fiji is an easy place to cruise and very “modern” in infrastructure. You can get all your spares and other packages shipped into the country with no tax or fees. A lot of small great places to anchor with only a few hours of sailing time between.


Raja Ampat is a stunning place, especially up north in Wayaq. It’s so spectacular and the marine life and coral is the best. Nothing can compare, however, visibility isn’t great. It's hot and humid, and there is not much wind. It makes it super easy going from place to place, but the heat is a factor.



Western Australia

Rarely does an opportunity arrive to truly immerse yourself in the far north of Western Australia. Travelling by boat gives you the unique opportunity to cruise remote waterways where red rock meets the ocean and waterfalls tumble down valleys. A spectacular location that you would never forget.

Great Barrier Reef


Whether you are in the popular Whitsunday Islands or on the outskirts at Fraser Island or Cairns the northeast of Australia is home to some of the most incredible Islands to escape to. With so many options you could spend months or even years navigating these waters, every day finding a new paradise. There is no denying that damage has been done to our incredible reefs, but wildlife still thrives, and the coral is slowly recovering. Don’t wait to see one of the wonders of the world and do it in the comfort of a Lagoon.

Hawkesbury River

New South Wales

Located just north of Sydney the Hawkesbury River is a true escape, the further you move through the waterways the further away from reality you feel. Close enough to home yet far enough to feel that sense of escape. You could spend a weekend or a month relaxing and enjoying the quiet ambience of the national parks and in the absence of light pollution enjoy nights gazing at the stars.


Extremely underrated for its spectacular beauty Tasmania is host to many incredible and secluded islands. Never have we met someone who has not enjoyed there time cruising Tasmania. You can spend months visiting locations you haven’t even heard of yet but when you start to research you will be immersed in the idea of travelling Tasmania. Plus if you are travelling through the Bass Strait you have the opportunity to by-pass Flinders Island, simply pick your ideal weather window and you’ll gain the confidence to take on longer crossings.

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