A Journey with the Lagoon 42: Owner Story

Discovering Adventure, Community, and the Ultimate Seafaring Lifestyle


With Lisa and Greg

Lisa and Greg share their experiences as proud owners of the Lagoon 42 in a candid interview. Their story is one of discovery, adventure, and the joy of sailing. Join as they discuss what they love about their vessel and liveaboard cruising.

Lisa says, “We’d heard about Lagoons, and we noticed that people speak very positively of them.” Delving deeper into their research, the couple discovered a recurring theme among Lagoon owners – a profound love for their boats. Lisa continued, “Not only did the owners love their boats, but when they were ready to upsize, they went on and bought another Lagoon and another Lagoon.”

This recurring pattern of loyalty spoke volumes to Lisa and Greg, convincing them that a Lagoon was more than just a vessel; it was a lifestyle.

TMG Testimonial-Lagoon 42 Lisa and Greg 3
TMG Testimonial Lagoon 42 Lisa and Greg 6
TMG Testimonial Lagoon 42 Lisa and Greg 6

Favourite Thing About the Lagoon 42

The Lagoon 42, with its thoughtfully designed layout, was the ideal fit for Lisa and Greg. “Considering we’re a married couple sailing by ourselves, the dimensions of the 42 really suit us,” Greg explains. “The proximity of the helm station to the rest of the boat, help us communicate quite easily and comfortably. The size, design, and layout are very suitable for us.”
For this duo, the vessel isn’t just a mode of transportation but a home on the water.

Lisa and Greg’s recent adventures have led them to discover that “living aboard is doable and totally enjoyable”. Living aboard the Lagoon 42 is not just an aspiration but a tangible reality filled with both challenges and joy.

“We’ve had lots of fun on board,” Lisa shares. “This season, coming up from down the Sunshine Coast and getting up to the Whitsundays and beyond, we’ve just had a plethora of experiences.”

Highlights Of Their Journeys 

One of the many highlights for the couple has been their encounters with marine life, Lisa fondly recounts, “The key highlights are that you keep learning, and you keep seeing things. There’s always an adventure around the corner—seeing some wildlife such as whales, dolphins, turtles, and meeting many people!”

Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts

Their Experience with TMG Yachts

From initial uncertainties to the handover with Rowan, TMG were fortunate enough to join Lisa and Greg on this new journey of boat ownership. “TMG were awesome. We walked in unsure, needing guidance and with questions in mind. Rowan just stepped in and said, ‘Here’s how I’m going to help you guys.’”

Through this process TMG Yachts relationship with Lisa and Greg has continued, Lisa emphasised that TMG is, “not just a company; it’s a group that looks after their owners post-sale.”

Highlights Of The Lagoon Escapade

The Lagoon community extends beyond the boat, and the Lagoon Escapade is a great example of this. Lisa and Greg were hesitant to join the event at first, unsure if they would fit in but other couples convinced them.

“The highlights are just seeing grown people, adults, having fun in a very playful but structured and safe way,” Lisa reflects on the Lagoon Escapades. “Meeting people who have a lovely commonality, and the advice and adventures shared are very much appreciated.”

Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts

If you would like to join the 2024 World Escapade on May 17-19 in the Gold Coast click the link below to register.


As always it is a fabulous opportunity for us at TMG Yachts to catch up with Lisa and Greg and hear how their boating adventures are going. If you’re ready to start your next adventure don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to make your dream a reality…


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