Lagoon Owners Handover Experience with TMG Yachts in Europe

The Archer’s took delivery of their boat in Europe with TMG Yachts and had nothing but warm words to say…

“We wanted to reflect on the handover TMG Yachts provided, they had a really warm welcoming when they introduced the boat to us. They provided a good overview of the boat, some great handy information on operating the boat and a beautiful christening ceremony before we set sail. It was really a lovely experience. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with TMG Yachts while we sail Jet-Lagged back slowly down to Australia but it’s been a fantastic start. Thank you.”

“The handover with TMG Yachts went without a hitch.  We had a very warm welcome and nice introduction to Jet-lagged with John Cowpe.  Thereafter, John Gamlin spent time aboard answering questions and helping to ensure the sail rigging was accurate and in good shape.  Overall, we were extremely pleased with the handover from TMG Yachts.” – Shannon and Paul.


How to Trim Upward – Basic Sailing Techniques

How to Trim Upward – Basic Sailing Techniques

In this blog, we will look at how to trim your sails when sailing upwind. Sailing upwind is classified as sailing at any angle lower than 90 degrees to the wind. Sailing directly into the wind is not possible; therefore, to sail in the direction of the wind, you must continuously tack in a zig zagging motion.

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