How Couple Found Their Dream Boat

Sailing into Prosperity with Helen


In the world of adventure seekers and sea lovers, Helen stands out as a true enthusiast. She and her family embarked on a remarkable journey that took them from small boats to a magnificent Lagoon 450 catamaran named SV Prosperity. In her own words, “We’ve always been boat people.


The Quest for the Perfect Catamaran

Helen and her family had a passion for boating from the start, starting with small vessels and gradually upgrading to larger speedboats. But the dream of owning a catamaran had always been on their minds. “Let’s get a catamaran and let’s go sailing,” she exclaimed. And so began their quest for the perfect catamaran.

Years of attending boat shows and meticulous research followed. Helen had a long list of criteria, and she even created a vision board to visualize their dream vessel. Then, fate intervened. After reaching out to Rowan from TMG Yachts, they received a video of a promising catamaran. Helen vividly recalls the moment they watched the video: “I said that’s it, that’s our boat”

They wasted no time. “We jumped on a flight to Airlie Beach and took the boat for a sea trial,” Helen said. That same night, they made an offer. “Hence we’ve got a 450 Lagoon, and she’s beautiful.”

Lagoon 450 Prosperity
Lagoon 450 Prosperity

Sailing in Comfort: Highlights of the Lagoon

Helen’s joy is palpable when she describes their catamaran’s spaciousness. “My favourite thing about our Lagoon is probably the owner’s cabin because it’s spacious,” she said. She affectionately calls the cockpit area the “sunroom.” It’s where they spend a considerable amount of time, “It’s just got space on it, and it’s brilliant.”

One feature of their Lagoon catamaran the Helen appreciate is the sports deck. “It can be raining, and I can in my PJs with my Ugg boots on with a cup of tea, and my timam, and other people are soaked in their wet weather gear.”

Adventures on Prosperity

Their adventures on Prosperity have been nothing short of extraordinary. Helen fondly recalls their visit to Square Reef, where they were blessed with perfect weather and crystal-clear waters. “It was just amazing,” she said, describing the abundance of marine life they encountered. “There were sharks, all sorts of things, and we caught a few fish, which was great.”

But what truly makes their journey unforgettable is the connection with family. “It’s just so good having the connection with the family, exploring, watching the sunsets,” Helen mused.

Helen and her husband Alex are true Adventure enthusiasts and enjoy scuba diving from their Lagoon. “We have got the scuba tanks, and this year we plan to use them,” she said.

Lagoon 450 Prosperity
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts

Community is key

Beyond the adventures, Helen cherishes the camaraderie they’ve found among fellow sailors. “The friendships, meeting new people, fellow cruisers that have the same interests as you,” she reflected. “It doesn’t matter where you are on the water; everyone’s friendly.”

Their catamaran experience has been enriched by the warm community of like-minded sailors. Helen praised TMG Yachts for their fantastic support and events, emphasizing the value of networking and the unexpected rewards. “We just really appreciate the work that you guys have put in to the Escapade events.”

Lagoon 450 Prosperity
Lagoon 450 Prosperity

From a lifelong love of the sea to finding their dream catamaran, Helen’s story is an inspiration to all who yearn for adventure and connection on the open waters.


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