Long Awaited Lagoon 46 Handover

Jenny and Ric have been patiently waiting for their new adventure to begin and with the world almost completely opened up, now was just the right time. Rowan McMahon flew to France to be part of the handover Spotify promotion and send them on their way.

“It’s true…..some days really are diamonds !!!
Jenny and I have to thank everyone, during our elongated gestation period, for not only your exceptional support but also your friendship. So a big thank you to TMG Yachts for delivering on all their undertakings.
Now let the games begin !” – Jenny and Ric.

Got any more questions about buying a new catamaran in Europe?

The team at TMG Yachts (Formerly The Multihull Group) are here to help.


How to Trim Upward – Basic Sailing Techniques

How to Trim Upward – Basic Sailing Techniques

In this blog, we will look at how to trim your sails when sailing upwind. Sailing upwind is classified as sailing at any angle lower than 90 degrees to the wind. Sailing directly into the wind is not possible; therefore, to sail in the direction of the wind, you must continuously tack in a zig zagging motion.

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