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Lagoon SIXTY 7 – 2023

Imagine a haven of peace. Home away from home. A sanctuary shelter from which to explore the vastness. This is freedom. At its purest.

Lagoon Sixty 7: Luxury Power Cat

Winward Islands – November, 2020

So far, it seems that this boat lives up to its expectations and should satisfy buyers looking for a catamaran with a comfortable living space as well as the ones looking to charter a powercat to sail around Caribbean, Mediterranean or even transatlantic.

Lagoon SIXTY 7: Affordable? luxury

Multihulls World -2020

The objective is to offer guests an unforgettable time on the water. And this has every chance of being achieved. In the end, anything that might seem like an inconvenience due to nautical constraints is erased.

Reviewed: Lagoon Sixty 7 Powercat

Yachting Magazine – August, 2020

Oftentimes, powercats end up looking like wedding cakes. Making them look good is a real challenge. All credit, then, to Lagoon’s regular preferred creative partners, automotive-design legend Patrick Le Quément and VPLP, which respectively take the bows for exterior design and naval architecture on the Lagoon Sixty 7.