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Lagoon 55

Sailing Magazine – January, 2022

This month we will look at two cruising catamarans and we’ll start with the Lagoon 55 designed by VPLP with exterior design by Patrick le Quement and interior design by Nauta Design. It takes a village these days to produce an entire design.

The Lagoon 55: Built for the Long Haul

Cruising World – September, 2022

In February, French boat builder Lagoon brought Hull No. 2 of its 55-foot luxury catamaran to the Miami International Boat Show. I can easily see this long-legged bluewater cruiser finding a niche among its siblings that range in length from 40 to 77 feet.

The Lagoon 55 Space Ship

Yachting World – February, 2022

Wait till you see the aft cabins… this Lagoon 55 with all its extra options is essentially a self-contained €1.7m resort. Toby Hodges sails the first of Lagoon’s latest cruising cats

VIDEO: The New Lagoon 55

Sail Magazine – June 2021

Replete with living space, the boat presents an unmistakable profile, sporting a hardtop that shields the flybridge and helm station from the weather and makes for a tall, triple-stacked silhouette.

LAGOON 55 – A legend catamaran

Multihulls World – 2021

So much water has passed between the hulls since 1987! The very first Lagoon, with its aerodynamic coachroof, probably had less than half the volume of the new 55. But the latter weighs twice as much. However, the spectacular slenderness of the rig would suggest that Lagoon hasn’t ignored the performance aspect.

Multihulls Special 2021

Yacht Style – May 2021

The volume of the 55 inside and outside is really amazing,” Gailly says. “Together with the Premium Services we will offer, she’s a logical link to our big four.”

Lagoon 55 – luxury sailing catamaran – April 2021

Lagoon’s latest version of one of its cornerstone models ready for Australian deliveries. The latest-generation Lagoon 55 luxury sailing catamaran has taken to the water, featuring a number of design and styling innovations that make it even more user-friendly.

Lagoon’s new model: Lagoon 55

Sail World Cruising – March 2021

At first glance, the striking innovation on this new, just-launched Lagoon 55 is the aft area which has been totally redesigned to offer optimal circulation on board, creating a vast terrace on the sea.

Revolution of the New Lagoon 55

Yachts Croatia – March 2021

It’s difficult to compare the Lagoon 55 of 1987 and the new Lagoon 55 of 2021, as innovations have changed the hulls and interior layout. However, shipyard said without any doubt that Lagoon has remained faithful to its roots and values: to offer a safe and comfortable sailing yacht, to go far and travel. A yacht where life is good.