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Boat Review: Lagoon 46

Sail magazine- February, 2023

When developing its new 46-footer, Lagoon had two issues to contend with. First, the immense popularity of its recently introduced groundbreaking 50 set high expectations for the smaller design.

Review Lagoon 46 – 14m long cruiser

topRick – January, 2023

The world premiere of the 46 ft. (14 m) sailing catamaran Lagoon 46 from the French shipyard Construction Navale Bordeaux (CNB) took place 4 years ago – in January 2019 in Düsseldorf. Information about the introduction of a new yacht from CNB caused not just a buzz, but…

Lagoon 46: Yacht in review

Yacht4Less – October, 2022

One of the catamarans to keep an eye out for is the fantastic Lagoon 46. With several impressive novelties, the Lagoon 46 could potentially become the replacement of today’s most popular Lagoon model of all times, the Lagoon 450.

Lagoon 46 Review

Club Marine – 2020

Enter the catamaran. This configuration offers all the benefits of traditional monohull sailing with the wondrous benefit of horizontal decks and tables. There is also the pleasure of space: wider decks, wider living spaces.

Tour the Lagoon 46 Catamaran

Pacific Yachting Magazine – January 2021

Watch an indepth walkthrough of the Lagoon 46 with bimini on the flybridge. “Bright and expansive saloon.. generous galley with propane stove, oven, two drawer fridges and freezer…”

Lagoon 46: A big step forward

Multihulls World

The 46 seems to be the product of synthesis of several simultaneous influences: The VPLP architecture which advocates a revolutionary rig and a more efficient centering of weight, and an enhanced exterior design.

Lagoon 46 & Best-Selling 450

Luxuo – October 2019

The difference between being at sea and at anchor require catamarans to fulfil two contrary roles. Succeeding in both makes a winning formula, as Lagoon found out by selling over 1,000 units of its 450, which has been succeeded by the 46 in 2019.