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Review Lagoon 77

Europe Yachts – October, 2022

Where can we even begin when talking about the Lagoon Seventy Seven? Let’s begin by referring to the most important ship in the Lagoon fleet as a Supercat, shall we?…

Lagoon 77


This yacht has oodles of space and will accommodate a family clan, friends and a professional crew with ease. The owners suite includes a walk-in closet, double-sink head and private terrace that swings out from the hull. And the galley below could be in a Manhattan apartment. 

Lagoon SEVENTY 7 – Bringing it on!

Multihulls World

Catamarans in the over-75 feet bracket are not widespread on the world market and are all one-off builds. Lagoon has had an eye on this sector for quite a while now and has just joined in the game like the master player it is.

Lagoon SEVENTY 7 Walkthrough

Catamaran Guru – February 2017

The Seventy7 is everything and more that one would expect on a mega yacht. My video may not do it complete justice, so do take a moment at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show to view this magnificent yacht!