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New Dragonfly 40

Cat Sailing News

One does need to be an expert Multihull sailor to handle a Dragonfly 40 or any other fast cruiser/daysailer Trimaran. Easy of handling, stability and a hell of a ride are the key assets offered. To achieve that kind of performance on a Catamaran you would need a light performance cat with a powerful rig.

Launch of Dragonfly 40

My Sailing – 2020

It was a huge relief finally to launch the new Dragonfly 40 Performance Cruiser and get it rigged up for its maiden voyage. The boat has been under development for more than two years, and thousands of man-hours have been spent on this project.

Boat Review: Dragonfly 40

Sailing Scuttlebutt – January, 2020

Does it look as good as it does on paper? No, it looks better, absolutely awesome, what a beautiful boat! And the interior looks are even better than in previous models, with an impeccable finish and good taste on the design. Beauty outside and inside and performances to match. What is the catch?