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NEW Dragonfly 28 Performance

Yacht and Boat

The Dragonfly 28 sets new standards for the possibilities of a sailing boat. The perfect boat does not exist – but the Dragonfly 28 is very close to this ideal. Great fun and easy handling – accommodating 5 people. 

Dragonfly 28 Performance

Yachting Monthly – January, 2016

The Danish boatbuilder Dragonfly has been designing and building cruising trimarans for 50 years. Their breakthrough, it could be argued, was the invention of the swing-wing system in 1989, giving Dragonfly’s yachts the stability and deck space of a multihull, and the berthed or trailerable beam of a monohull.

Dragonfly 28: a bit more volume, and just as fast!

Multihulls World

Sitting comfortably on one of the small wings surrounding the huge cockpit, open to the stern, I took advantage of the moment just before going to rest to accelerate one last time in this pretty machine, on a wave, increase the apparent wind, bear away and accelerate again, until that limit beyond which the headsail no longer draws.

Dragonfly 28 “Touring”

Bluewater Sailing – October, 2017

This is a great compact cruiser: fun to sail, particularly in a breeze, but comfortable and full of cruising amenities. What impressed us most aside from the boat’s performance, were numerous little design details and the quality of construction. 

Boat Review: Dragonfly 28 Performance

Sail Magazine – August 2017

While many redesigns have more to do with marketing than with actual design, the recently launched Dragonfly 28 “Performance” from Denmark’s Quorning Boats truly does push the envelope in a meaningful way to incorporate the latest in multihull technology.