Unveiling the PRESTIGE M8: Game-Changing Multihull Yacht Walkthrough

TMG Yachts proudly presents the PRESTIGE M8, a truly exceptional multihull yacht that redefines the cruising experience. With its unparalleled spaciousness, unique layout, and breathtaking views from every corner, the M8 sets a new standard in its category. Whether you’re exploring the coasts of Australia or indulging in the Mediterranean’s beauty, the PRESTIGE M8 offers an intimate connection to the sea and surroundings, ensuring a memorable journey. Join John Cowpe as we take you on a walkthrough of this extraordinary vessel, where luxury, comfort, and stability converge in a game-changing design.

“The boat truly feels like an apartment on the water, and it is like nothing else on the market, a true game changer. Owners will love how versatile the layout is and really making this boat their own. Being onboard the PRESTIGE M8, the fits and finishes, the lines and the textures all give the overall impression of whispered luxury. Even when you’re indoors, there is a real feeling of being at sea; there are windows everywhere, allowing you to really take in your surroundings,” says Cowpe.

Prestige 460S - TMG Yacths
Prestige 460S - TMG Yacths
Prestige 460S - TMG Yacths


  1. Spacious Terrace and Beach Club: The M8 offers a unique terrace area that extends the back of the boat, allowing for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. It can accommodate a large tender and features steps leading down to the beach club, creating a versatile space for swimming and leisure activities.
  2. Customisable Flybridge: The flybridge on the M8 is designed to be highly adaptable, allowing owners to customize the area based on their preferences. It offers seating with movable furniture, a wet bar, barbeque, and ample space for socializing. The flybridge can be easily accessed from two different points on the boat, the cockpit and the saloon, ensuring convenience and usability.
  3. Luxurious Interior Design: The main saloon of the M8 boasts an extraordinary layout and maximizes available space, creating a voluminous and lavish interior. The design incorporates elements such as metal, mirroring, and lighting to enhance the ambience. The vessel offers Italian-designed furniture and a range of customisation options to suit individual owner preferences. A unique feature of this vessel is the well-appointed day head, discretely accessed from the exterior on the saloon level. 
  4. Versatile Galley Options: The M8 provides flexibility in terms of the galley layout. Owners can choose to have the galley either on the main deck (galley up) or lower deck (galley down). The galley-up option allows for a convivial atmosphere and a spacious master cabin forward, while the galley-down option provides a separate area for food preparation and crew use, without compromising on accommodation space.
  5. Comfortable and Well-Equipped Cabins: The M8 features luxurious cabins that provide comfort and privacy for guests. The owner’s apartment offers a spacious master cabin with a king-size bed, walk-in robes, and a well-appointed ensuite bathroom. The VIP cabins on the port and starboard sides can be mirrored, providing separate ensuites, walk-in wardrobes, and additional features such as reading nooks and entertainment systems. Alternatively, owners can opt for an extra large VIP featuring a reading nook and walk-in robe. The vessel also includes crew quarters with ensuite facilities.
Prestige 460S - TMG Yacths
Prestige 420S - TMG Yachts
Prestige 420S - TMG Yachts


The M8’s cruising speeds are achieved with remarkably low fuel consumption, thanks to the twin 600 HP Volvo D8 engines that require a mere 20 liters per hour at 8 knots. These powerful engines propel the M8 to a maximum speed of 20 knots, offering exhilarating performance on the open waters. Equipped with joystick control and V-drive transmission, the Volvo engines ensure precise maneuverability and effortless docking, adding to the overall convenience of the vessel.

Amongst the first to sea-trial the vessel Cowpe said, “Being underway onboard the PRESTIGE M8 felt like floating on a magic carpet.”

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“Australians have already really taken to the power catamaran concept, and the M8 is sure to be a leader in this sector of the market. We envision owners cruising the east and west coast of Australia and spending long periods onboard. TMG Yachts can also take European delivery in Trieste, Italy, with the Mediterranean on your doorstep. This is an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a new journey,” concludes Cowpe.