Lagoon Shipyard Over 50 Feet – Bordeaux, France

Welcome to the CNB shipyard in Bordeaux, France, the birthplace of the Lagoon Catamarans over 50 feet. This impressive facility, located on the Garonne River in Bordeaux, France, has a rich heritage dating back to the days when Galleons were built for wine merchants in the 18th century. Today, it stands as a symbol of technological advancement in boat construction. Through this video and this blog, we’ll delve into the unique production techniques for each model, showcasing the outstanding craftsmanship that makes these vessels stand out in the industry, while also looking at Lagoon’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, exemplified by their various certifications and eco-friendly initiatives.

    Prestige 460S - TMG Yacths
    Prestige 420S - TMG Yachts
    Prestige 420S - TMG Yachts

    The Facility

    The CNB factory prides itself on a well-defined construction process for each Lagoon catamaran model, ensuring unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. While there are some key differences between how the 51 and 55 are made compared to the SIXTY and SEVENTY range, they are fairly similar in construction.

    This facility has a workforce of approximately 1000 skilled staff, with a representation of approximately 50% females. The staff are dedicated to their expertise and passion to craft these exceptional vessels. Notably, the factory’s emphasis on cleanliness and safety has created a vibrant and contented work environment, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship go into every catamaran produced. Key to the construction, a group of workers is dedicated to each specific step, allowing them to specialise in that step, increasing the overall quality.

    Steps and Processes

    *Watch the header video to take a closer look inside the factory…


    Prestige 460S - TMG Yacths


    Prestige 420S - TMG Yachts

    Interior Work

    Prestige 420S - TMG Yachts


    Prestige 460S - TMG Yacths


    Prestige 420S - TMG Yachts

    Delivery dock

    Prestige 420S - TMG Yachts

    Lagoon’s Sustainability Steps and Certifications

    Lagoon is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Lagoons Factorys, have received ISO certifications:

    • ISO 9001 for quality processes
    • ISO 14001 for environmental processes
    • ISO 50001 for energy management processes.

    These certifications showcase Lagoon’s dedication to maintaining high standards in their production methods.

    In addition to certifications, Lagoon is actively using more eco-sourced materials in their boat construction. These include hemp fiber, bioresin, and wood from FSC certified forests. The company also prioritises using recycled fabrics, further reducing their environmental footprint.

    A Bright Future for Lagoon Catamarans

    The Lagoon Factory in Bordeaux, France, is a testament to Lagoon’s commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. The construction process for the Lagoon 51 to 78ft Catamarans is a finely tuned and specialized operation, resulting in vessels that exude luxury and performance.

    Lagoon’s dedication to sustainability through ISO certifications and eco-friendly materials sets a positive example for the boating industry. If you have any inquiries about Lagoon Catamarans, don’t hesitate to contact TMG.


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