Lagoon Escapade Whitsundays 2022

The biggest Lagoon event of the year!

The Lagoon Escapade Whitsundays 2022 is a wrap and what an event it was! 15 boats and 50 attendees joined to celebrate the love of Lagoon Catamarans over the course of 2 days.

This year, we had John and Marnie from TMG Yachts, Nicky from COBLI, Gill from Vesseltec and Robert from Yoti hosting the event.

This event could not have been possible without our fantastic supporters; Lagoon, Yoti, COBLI, The Boat Works, Sea Spray and Signature Yachts.

Day 1

The bay was buzzing with Lagoons as the last arrived at Cape Gloucester. Once all 15 were anchored, TMG Yachts cruised around the bay handing out goodie bags before the party officially started. The cocktail party on the beach was a hoot! Who doesn’t love a beverage or a few over a setting sun. In hindsight maybe black tie wasn’t the right move for boaties, RIP to the long dresses that got a bit salty arriving onshore. Nevertheless, everyone looked FABULOUS!

After dinner, Gill hosted arguably the most difficult trivia quiz of the marine world. Everyone in attendance certainly exceeded their average 13 laughs per day trying to solve some of these tricky questions. By the end of the night, it is safe to say both first-timers and veterans of the event had newfound besties.

Day 2

Sustenance was a necessity for the cruise the Lagoons were set to endeavour upon, this called for muffins delivered by the TMG Yachts team. A series of “lee ho’s” and “gybe ho’s” around Middle Island and then back to Cape Gloucester Resort.

The Lagoon gods knew that the Escapadees could take a bit of a sprinkling and as the afternoon came around we so did the clouds. Luckily the team were prepared with a series of innovative inside games and you know what, we think they were even better than the outdoor games, here’s to keeping things fresh and fun right?

“We’ve had an absolutely fantastic time, great coming up here, regardless of the weather, it’s just been fantastic. The crew at TMG Yachts have looked after us really well and I got a towel which is what I wanted. It really is a hoot, it’s. agreat get together. Doing the sail today and the circle, the muffins this morning and the games today and last night. It’s just been a lot of fun, thank you.” – Helen, Lagoon 450S, Prosperity.

“This was our first Lagoon Escapade, absolutely enjoyed it, fantastic to have met up with all these other Lagoon owners and what a great venue to have an Escapade. Bit of sailing, a bit of fun, dinner, chat, drinks, it’s been perfect, thanks TMG Yachts.” – Alex, Lagoon 450S, Prosperity.

“The Escapade was really greet in terms of meeting other owners and make us feel a part of the Lagoon family and community. Everyone joins in and is really friendly and lots of fun. The activities were great, the sail was great. Thanks very much to the TMG Yachts team.” – Phoebe’s, Lagoon 450S, Bonnie G.

“I’ve loved coming up to this Escapade. I’ve met so many wonderful people with years and years of sailing experience and they’re happy to share that. We’ve had great food, I’ve just had the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. It’s the Lagoon family coming together once a year in a great location and catching up. It’s a wonderful occasion and I recommend it to anyone.” – Mark Pettitt, Lagoon 42, Spaceboy.

Mark your calendars for early September next year because we cannot wait to do it all again!