Key features and differences of the PRESTIGE F4 with Clemence Cessou

Interview with PRESTIGE Product Manager

Welcome aboard as we dive into the latest marvel from PRESTIGE – the F4 with Clemence Cessou, the Product Manager for PRESTIGE Yachts.

The Process of Creating the Third Generation of F-Line Models

Clemence Cessou, gives us a glimpse into the fascinating journey behind the creation of the third generation of F-Line models. “To begin the project, we focused not just on one model but on the entire F-Line range,” she explains.

They started with client feedback to better understand the needs of the owner before beginning, “our goal was to evolve and innovate, driven by client feedback and their evolving expectations. Analyzing client needs was the cornerstone of our project.”

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NEW F-Line Luxury Design Elements

Cessou and the team aimed to elevate the fit and finish of the F-Line models. “We knew that client expectations were increasing,” she says. “The market was growing, and we wanted to position this new generation with higher fit and finish, similar to our X-Line range and the new M8.”

Working with experts like Valentina Militerno and Camillo Garroni, they sought to create an ambience that felt like home, Cessou mentions that they’ve focused on “soft touch finishes and creating a cocooning and reassuring atmosphere.”

This commitment to luxurious design elements elevates the experience on the F4, making it more than just a boat; it’s a floating haven.

Why This New Model is Named the PRESTIGE F4

Cessou explains, “It clearly represents the 45 to 49-foot market segment in terms of volume and value proposition. It’s smaller than a 520 but shares the same beam, measuring in at 48.5 feet.” The F4 is perfectly positioned to offer a premium experience in this segment.

Prestige F520 - TMG Yacths
Prestige F520 - TMG Yacths

Key Features and Differences on the PRESTIGE F4

When discussing the PRESTIGE F4, Clemence Cessou highlights two key features that set this model apart:

  • Ocean View Galley: One of the standout features of the PRESTIGE F4 is the all-new Ocean View Galley. As Cessou explains, this innovation is rooted in the brand’s history, dating back to the PRESTIGE 500 more than a decade ago. Recognizing that the galley is the heart of life onboard, PRESTIGE embarked on a journey to reimagine it. The result is the Ocean View Galley, strategically oriented to provide an incredible view of the sea and cockpit. This design choice offers an unparalleled sense of connection with the surroundings, making it the ultimate convenience for those who appreciate the beauty of the open sea.
  • Semi-Main Deck Master Suite: The second main feature that distinguishes the PRESTIGE F4 is the semi-main deck master suite. Drawing inspiration from the successful introduction of the aft master suite with the PRESTIGE 500, PRESTIGE sought to take this experience to the next level. This time, they placed the master suite forward, offering an exclusive retreat for owners. What makes this arrangement truly special is the dedicated entrance, which not only enhances privacy but also improves soundproofing. By completely disconnecting the master suite from the main deck and guest area, PRESTIGE has created an intimate sanctuary for owners. The forward position allows for a generous volume of space, providing unparalleled comfort and luxury.

Prestige F520 - TMG Yacths
Prestige F520 - TMG Yacths

Why the PRESTIGE F4 Will Suit the Australian Market

Cessou believes that the PRESTIGE F4 is an ideal fit for the Australian market, especially for offshore adventures. The deep hull, designed by Michael Peters, ensures stability and excellent behaviour in rough seas. With a top speed of 28 knots, it offers both performance and comfort, making it even more appealing than its predecessors.

Cessou sums up the F4’s allure perfectly: “It’s designed for safety and comfort, and I believe it surpasses even our own 520 in many aspects.” Australian boaters seeking an extraordinary offshore experience will undoubtedly find the PRESTIGE F4 to be their perfect companion. “The F4 is a harmonious blend of luxury and performance, designed to elevate your offshore adventures,” Cessou Summarises.

Prestige F520 - TMG Yacths
Prestige F520 - TMG Yacths