How are PRESTIGE Yachts Designed? 

Interview with Camillo Garroni

Prestige Yachts, renowned for their luxurious and innovative yacht designs, have captured the hearts of sea enthusiasts around the world. Behind the scenes, the magic happens through the artistic prowess of Camillo Garroni and his team of skilled designers. With a legacy spanning generations and a commitment to excellence, the design process at Prestige Yachts is a journey that melds creativity, collaboration, and meticulous engineering.

History of Garroni Designs

The rich legacy of Garroni Designs sets the stage for Prestige Yachts’ exceptional creations. Camillo Garroni, a second-generation designer, inherits his father’s passion and talent for yacht design. The story traces back to his father’s days; Camillo explains fondly, “It started with my father who was a professor at a university and founded the design school for boats in Italy that was a great success.” 

The pivotal moment occurred over three decades ago when Jeanneau and the Beneteau Group recognized the potential of the Garroni Design Team. This partnership initiated the design journey for the Prestige brand, with the debut of the Prestige 41 in 1991. The collaboration flourished with subsequent models like the Prestige 36, 32, 34S, 46, and beyond, establishing the longest-standing relationships between a designer and a yacht company.

Prestige Yachts Designer TMG Yachts
Prestige Yachts History TMG Yachts

Process of Designing a Prestige Yacht – Concept, Collaboration, Production & Final Product

The birth of a Prestige Yacht is a meticulous process that marries creativity with engineering precision. At the outset, a visionary concept takes shape through collaborative brainstorming between the Garroni team and the company. The scope extends beyond a single vessel; it encompasses an entire range of yachts that will grace the seas in the years to come. This visionary approach ensures the brand’s continuity and relevance.

The journey from concept to the final product is an intricate dance of artistic vision and technical execution. The exterior lines and layout, crucial to defining the yacht’s character, undergo multiple iterations and discussions.

“There are daily conversations to solve any issues… After the drawings are complete and the exterior lines and the layout are fixed. We start with the 3D engineering development,” Garonni details.

The 3D engineering phase is where art meets science, as every minute detail, from engineering aspects to production processes, is meticulously integrated into the 3D model. This thoroughness ensures that the yacht boasts not only impeccable aesthetics but also impeccable functionality and performance. 

Camillo admits, “Usually to develop one project it’s between one and a half to two years.”

Prestige Yachts Designer TMG Yachts
Prestige Yachts History TMG Yachts

Reason for the M-Line: Reimagining Yacht Experience

Within Prestige Yachts’ offerings, the M-Line stands as a symbol of reimagined luxury and comfort on the open seas. The modern world demands a new way of experiencing the water, and the M-Line answers that call.

“Today, we have three ranges in Prestige, the X line, the F line, and the new M line. We think that there’s a new world around the M line because you live on the sea in a different way,” explains Garonni.

The yachts within this line are designed to provide a villa-like experience on the water, emphasizing spaciousness and comfort inside and out. The M-Line offers exceptional stability both in the bay and during navigation. This range caters to those who value the journey as much as the destination, fostering a sense of relaxation and tranquillity on the water.

The essence of the M-Line, Garroni passionately states, “You feel a different volume inside… it’s not only a boat, it’s a lifestyle.”

Prestige F520 - TMG Yacths
Prestige F520 - TMG Yacths

Discussing the Benefits of Italian Design

Italian design has long been celebrated as the epitome of elegance, and this holds true in the realm of yachts. The Italian design ethos, deeply rooted in a unique history and artistic tradition, lends an unmistakable flair to every Prestige Yacht. The attention to detail, balance between form and function, and the artistic finesse that Italian designers bring to the table elevate Prestige Yachts to a class of their own. Camillo Garroni emphasizes that Italian design is more than a style; it’s a part of their DNA.

“The Italian style is Italian… it’s something that we have in the blood,” Garroni emphasises.

A Message to Australians: Embrace the Sea with Prestige Yachts

For Australians, blessed with some of the world’s most stunning coastlines and waterways, the call of the sea is undeniable. Camillo Garroni’s message to Australians is simple yet profound: “You have one of the best places in the world to enjoy a Prestige Yacht. This is the right boat to live your life at sea.” The marriage of luxurious design and nautical prowess found in Prestige Yachts provides the perfect vessel to explore and revel in Australia’s aquatic wonders.

In the world of yachts, Prestige Yachts stand as a testament to the fusion of artistry and engineering. With Camillo Garroni’s creative guidance, the legacy of Garroni Designs continues to sail into the future, captivating hearts and inspiring journeys across the seas.