Discover PRESTIGE M-Line: Exclusive Interview With The Vice President Erwin Bamps

The Vision Behind Prestige’s M-Line

Join us as we meet Erwin Bamps, the ingenious Vice President of PRESTIGE. Dive into an in-depth discussion about the M-Line, focusing particularly on the mesmerising journey from concept to realisation of the remarkable M48 and now the new M8.

Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts

The Evolution of Prestige: Unveiling the M48

In 2022, PRESTIGE introduced the M-line, marking a significant milestone with the unveiling of the M48. Bamps notes that the M-line represents the natural evolution of the brand into the multihull territory, catering to the increasing demand for larger indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces. Unlike conventional power catamarans, the M48 was meticulously designed from scratch, embodying PRESTIGE‘s commitment to craftsmanship and celebrating the owner’s maritime lifestyle.

A New Dimension: The M48’s Distinct Features

At the forefront of the M48‘s design is the full-beam owner’s cabin, a unique feature not commonly found in other power catamarans. Bamps emphasizes how this design choice aligns with PRESTIGE’s tradition of celebrating owners, drawing parallels to the introduction of the Prestige 500 in 2010. The M48, and subsequent models, aim to establish a range focusing on sustainability and environmental consciousness, reflecting Prestige’s belief in the M-line as the future of boating.

Embracing a Sustainable Lifestyle: The M-Line’s Unique Proposition

Bamps articulates the M-line‘s commitment to sustainability, both in terms of space usage on board and promoting a lifestyle centred around slowing down and relaxation on the water. The simplicity and intuitive use of the M48 and M8 make it an ideal choice for first-time boaters, further expanding PRESTIGE’s reach to a broader audience.

Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts

Crafting Elegance: The Finishing Touches on the M-Line

One notable aspect of the M-line is PRESTIGE‘s dedication to ensuring that the finishing matches the standards set by other products in their universe. Bamps addresses the misconception that power catamarans typically prioritize functionality over luxury. For PRESTIGE, the M-line had to exemplify prestige, setting a new standard for comfort and luxury in this category.

The Flagship M8: Pinnacle of PRESTIGE’s M-Line

As the flagship of the M-line, the M8 stands out with its total living space, both indoor and outdoor. Bamps highlights the yacht’s ecological advancements, including a new silent mode and integrated solar cells, emphasizing PRESTIGE‘s commitment to sustainable boating practices. The M8 also integrates the heritage of PRESTIGE‘s new manufacturing plant in Italy, showcasing the brand’s expertise in constructing large yards.

Personalization and the Future of PRESTIGE in Australia

Bamps concludes by emphasizing the M-line‘s higher level of customization, providing a unique offering for clientele seeking attention to detail and a personalized touch. He expresses confidence that the M-line will elevate PRESTIGE‘s presence in Australia, aligning perfectly with the country’s boating culture and the trend toward larger entertainment spaces on vessels.

Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts
Prestige x60 - TMG Yachts

As the M-line sets sail, PRESTIGE looks forward to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of boating enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the maritime landscape. The journey of PRESTIGE‘s M-line continues, promising a thrilling adventure for those who seek a perfect blend of elegance and functionality in their seafaring endeavors.


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