Bordeaux Tour

Marnie travels to Bordeaux to give you a tour of the incredible city, which is home to Lagoons ranging from 50-78 feet. If you are thinking about leaping into your next adventure with a Lagoon catamaran of this size and considering European pickup you might be wondering what to expect when landing in Bordeaux.

Whether you are wanting to travel directly to Bordeaux or taking a quick stop over in Paris, now only a 2-hour fast train away, this city is a major hub and easy to get to, and it has a lot to offer.

Aside from the CNB factory where the Lagoons are made, Bordeaux is a beautiful, ancient city. Some of the highlights include…

La Cite du Vin

The wine museum opposite the CNB factory and docks.

St Emilion

Vineyards, wineries, churches just outside Bordeaux.


Visit the Chateaus of St Emilion for a wine tour or tasting.

Opera National de Bordeaux

Stunning building in the city centre.

Place de la Bourse

Famous reflection opposite the financial institute building.

Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas

An architectural feat, and example of modern technical know-how.


Gorgeous area with cobblestone streets and quaint restaurants.


Rue Saint Catherine is the longest shopping street in Europe, running the length of Bordeaux.