Dragonfly , USA

Zurich Awes – USA

It’s really the quality, that it’s the best. When I went to look at the factory, every tool had a place and they had a very specific system. And everyone was clearly trained and they seemed to take such pride in what they were doing, that they build everything themselves.

What’s surprising to me is, I’ve never been to a boat event like this where everybody is very happy. They all have different iterations. They all have different experience levels, but they all love the product. They love the service, and they love the determination of the company to make it happen.” –  Zurich Awes – USA



Navigating the Mediterranean: Jabulani’s Adventure Continues

Navigating the Mediterranean: Jabulani’s Adventure Continues

It’s been one hell of a trip. The Mediterranean offers a rich history, culture, and stunning landscapes, travelling through different countries and exploring the local ingredients and cooking techniques has been an incredible experience. I don’t think we’ll ever lose some of the friends we’ve met, and we’re all living our dream… Our favourite features on our Lagoon are the flybridge, Code Zero, water-maker and generator.”

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